Automated assessment of retinal images in an outreach clinic in Uganda

Using the RetinaLyze algorithm in outreach clinics

We saw 49 patients at our outreach diabetic retinal screening clinic in Kampala, Uganda referring 16 for a range of eye conditions. We had the opportunity to use a number of portable screening devices including portable fundus imaging systems (Horuscope, PEEK Retina and the Arclight direct ophthalmoscope) as well as the RetinaLyze automatic retinal image assessment system.

The RetinaLyze web application was used in conjunction with the MiiS Horus Fundus camera to automatically analyze the posterior segment of the eye for diabetes related retinal changes.

Gallery of images from the outreach clinic in Uganda

Did you know?

The global distribution of avoidable blindness based on the population in each of the WHO regions is the following according to WHO:

  • South East Asian 28%
  • Western Pacific 26%
  • African 16.6%
  • Eastern Mediterranean 10%
  • the Americans 9.6%
  • European 9.6%

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