Company Overview

RetinaLyze is based on the vision to prevent loss of eyesight. Worldwide diabetes is an increasing problem and +300 million registered diabetics (type 1 and 2) are expected in 2020. Furthermore, +250 million unregistered diabetics are expected by 2020. One of the most feared consequences of diabetes is retinal diabetic pathology, since this can lead to blindness. Early diagnosis is crucial – and possible with RetinaLyze.

A good diabetic plan and a non-complicated laser treatment can prevent loss of sight and blindness. Our mission is to make it easier for people all over the world to have their eyes tested and prevent the tragic consequences caused by late treatment of retinal lesions. RetinaLyze System A/S is a registered company in Denmark.

Our History

The RetinaLyze software was developed in the years leading up to 2001, where the software was patented. This is the first fully automated software that is able to detect lesions from a Fundus photo of the retina.

At that time, the software was very voluminous and had a lot of features that only professional ophthalmologist could use. In that respect the software was introduced to eye doctors, eye clinics and hospitals where it was implemented. Since then, tens of thousands of diabetic patients have been screened by RetinaLyze. The ophthalmologists using the system have taken advantage of the crucial time savings and not least the higher clinical efficiency that RetinaLyze offers.

In 2013 RetinaLyze has been transferred to the newest IT platforms and the software is now available online, meaning easier access to Diabetic Retinopathy screenings from all over the world.

You only need a Fundus Camera and a PC with internet connection. With a login through the RetinaLyze Homepage the photo can be uploaded to the RetinaLyze Software and within 20 seconds, a result will appear on your PC. The result will show if the image contains black lesions or not. In case of lesions, the patient needs to be examined by an ophthalmologist for diagnosis.

The availability of RetinaLyze makes it a lot easier for diabetic patients to have their eyes screened and hence find early stages of Diabetic Retinopathy, which is crucial to prevent blindness for diabetic patients.

The RetinaLyze patent is registered in various countries around the world. Besides Europe this is United States of America, China, Japan, India, Australia etc.

RetinaLyze System A/S’s vision is to find partners in all parts of the world in order to penetrate the market and make it easier for diagnosed diabetic patients, and especially non-diagnosed diabetics, to have their eyes screened.

That is why RetinaLyze is available to optometrists, who wish to become certified RetinaLyze users.

The original RetinaLyze System consists of many different screenings. Today, screenings are available for Black Lesions, indicating Diabetic Retinopathy, and White Lesions, indicating AMD.

Further analyses will be made available in the near future.


The Retinalyze team consists of diverse people, who are all very passionate about their fields of work. We are all very friendly and open for dialogue, so feel free to contact us if you feel like it.

Thomas Nielsen

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Birch

Chairman of the Board

Lasse Bundgaard

Chief of Global Sales

Morten Møller

Chief Technical Officer

Ganesh Ram

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Jens Mohr Thygesen

Senior Medical Advisor


Cheng Xiaoling

Distributor – China (RMC Medical)

Michael Anthonsen

Distributor – Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Barbara Anthonsen

Distributor – Germany, Switzerland, Austria

Omar Flores

Distributor – Mexico

Rene Asserfelt

Distributor – Spain

Michael Saxtoft

Distributor – North America

Jakob Roepstorff

Distributor – Scandinavia

Peter Jørgensen

Distributor – Netherlands, Poland

Roxana Bosshardt-Heredia

Distributor – South America

Tania Lardo

Marketing – Italy

Francesca Grilli

Contact person- Italy

Alban De Barrau

Distributor – Vietnam