RetinaLyze v2.1.0 has been released!

RetinaLyze v2.1.0 introduction

We are proud to present RetinaLyze version 2.1.0, which consists of small improvements to make the system easier to use.

Not analyzed photos
It is now possible to open images that has not been analyzed. This makes it possible to see the image in the original size before analyzing it. So the user can evaluate the image before deciding to run an analysis on the image.

Exclamation mark eye specialist backup

We have added exclamation mark if there is a comment from the ophthalmologist. This will notify the user that there is a comment from the eye specialist even though there is no signs of DR and AMD.

So the user will no longer miss a response if the eye specialist have noticed something different than DR and AMD. We have added two screenshots to illustrate the change.

Name can now be changed

The user can now override a name on an existing client in the system.

If the user uses an integration (RetinaLyzeUpload), then all he/she needs is to change the name in the camera software. Next time the user uploads a photo from the camera software it will be changed in the system. 

If the user uses the manual uploading formula on the website, and write another name on an existing client, he/she will be prompeted with a warning dialog. The dialog ask the user whether he/she want to make the name change. We have added a screenshot of the warning dialog.

Speed improvements to statistic page

Support and Contact

We want it to be as easy as possible to reach us when needed. You can reach us on our main phone number +45 71 990 321. Press 1 for Sales and 2 for Support.

You can also reach us on mail:

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