What our clients say about us

Retinalyze is used at eye hospitals, by ophthalmologists and opticians – and the result are outstanding. Here’s some testimonials from some of our happy customers.

RetinaLyze allows us to perform a quick and efficient examination of diabetic and macular changes on the eye’s background. As a result, we were able to expand our range of optometry services, establish ourselves as a competent partner in the field of health-related prevention and last but not least increase the customer frequency.

Hanspeter Suter

Suter Optik

The Danish scientific software RETINALYZE analyzes two pathologies related to vision: diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. With these easy screenings, it is intended that the population becomes aware of the importance of prevention, as it is key to being able to prevent more serious consequences. Also, general practitioners have a tool that facilitates the diagnosis with a high degree of efficiency and speed, while at the same time keeping the results in the cloud for later comparisons. Realizing that the best remedy is prevention, I highly recommend RetinaLyze.

Dr. Marcelo Terán Molina

Medical Ophthalmologist

Sales-communication alone will not do in the long run. There is no sensible positioning here. We will tell customers that we are more than a chain of cheap products.

Pia Huusfelt

CEO at Profil Optik

We have registered an increase in the number of new customers. We are pleased to offer our customers a health-oriented consultation and we believe that we have the opportunity to build a stronger personal relationship with our customers.

Ralf Jäggi

Jäggi Optik & Hörberatung

The good thing about RetinaLyze is, that it is at least as reliable as any screening made by the human eye. My nurse performs the patient screening and I only see the patients where we need to take action.

Jens Thygesen

Dr. I.MM at Lukas Eye hospital

RetinaLyze helps us position our brand as professional and helpful. We can provide a more complete and faster service as well. The customers love the immediate answer.

Gitte Sørensen

Product Manager

The implementation process was a breeze to plan and execute. The RetinaLyze team was very keen on customizing the product to our needs.

Lasse Bundgaard

Head of Chain Management at Profil Optik

The employees really love RetinaLyze. It’s easy to use and the training program was entertaining and informative. Our employees are very satisfied that they get to use their professional skills in fundus imaging.

Britt Bargfeldt

Chief Development and HR Officer

Some of our customers

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Profil Optik


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